Make your music sound professional and radio-ready from your home without any new gear!

Learn my complete mixing system to consistently create BIG, clear, professional sounding mixes


Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • My vocals never sound professional and never sit right in the mix
  • My song sounds thin, yet muddy
  • My mix sounds harsh
  • I know EQ and compression are important but I don't understand them and I can't hear them
  • I want more separation between instruments
  • My mix feels too quiet
  • Mixing takes me forever to mix and I never know if I'm doing it right

I can help.

If you want to make professional sounding music from your home studio, you came to the right place.


It doesn't have to be hard.

I used to feeling like mixing my own music was impossible. Like I would never be able to make it sound professional on my own.

I'd spend hours watch video after video on YouTube.

But it never seemed to really help.

What I know now is that's because what most people are teaching as "mixing" is really a myth.

"Put this preset on your vocal and it will sound amazing."

"You need to get this plugin to make your mix sound professional"

"Buy this microphone (interface, headphones, etc)"

or "You have to upgrade to Logic (or Pro Tools) for your music to sound better"

But the reality was... none of these "solutions" ever helped my music sound any better!

I would work so hard (and SO LONG) on every mix and they still sounded terrible. Weirdly muddy yet harsh. I couldn't hear things clearly. Definitely nowhere near professional.

What I realized after years of mediocre sounding mixes is...

These "tutorials" weren't teaching me how to mix. They were just showing me what I wanted... a quick fix.

I had wasted years and hundreds of dollars and my mixes didn't sound any better.

I don't want that for you.

The truth is... mixing doesn't have to be that hard!

The key is tuning out all the bad advice and focusing on the fundamentals.

Once I started studying true professional mixing engineers I realized something extremely important...

The ONLY thing ALL pro mixes have in common is that they are all using volume and panning, EQ, compression, effects (reverb and delay), and (usually) automation.

The specific EQs, compressors, reverbs, etc often vary from engineer to engineer and even mix to mix, but the tools are always the same.

So all you have to do, is learn these tools and apply them to your music in an intentional, systematic way.

Now, if you've been mixing for a while, you might be thinking, "Easier said than done, Colin."

And you'd be right!

Even though it's only a handful of tools, without a good teacher, the tools can be confusing and complicated.

It took me years to learn how to create mixes I was proud of.

I spent years watching pros mix. I read anything I could get my hands on, watched every tutorial I could find. Asked every pro engineer I knew.

And (with a lot of trial and error) I figured it out.

I want to save you YEARS and, instead, teach you how to create the best mix you've ever done in HOURS.

See, it's possible for anyone to create professional sounding music anywhere. YOU can do it in GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools... anywhere.

But without a plan and a focused, intentional system, you might stumble around in the dark for years trying to figure it out like I did.

I'm not going to let that happen to you.

So I took 15 years of my experience, knowledge, pain, frustration and put it all into an easy to follow system.


"When I play songs before and after the course, the difference is amazing. My friends who are long time and very skilled producers said that the difference between mixes is huge.

I really think this course is a must go through for beginners or any for folks out there recording and want to improve their skills."

-Nikola B.

"My music is sounding so much more professional now. Colin has given me a process and some hints and tips that I would have taken an age to find out for myself or never at all."

- David Q.

"I would definitely recommend the Ultimate GB Mixing Course to anyone who was looking to improve their mixing skills, or someone who was just starting out. It was well-worth the money, and then some. Plus, it was so much fun, thanks to you. I have started putting my new knowledge to work and know I am going to enjoy working on my music more than before this course. That says it all."

- Susan P.

This course is everything I wish I had.

A complete, step-by-step mixing system that you can follow to create amazing sounding mixes in less time.

This course will show you how to create mixes you are PROUD OF.

Mixes you WANT to show your friends and family.

Mixes that will have them saying... " YOU did this?"

Mixes that sound so good they could be on the radio.

Mixes with clarity and punch.

And maybe most importantly, this course is going to take all of the confusion out of mixing so you can mix with confidence and get back to focusing on what you really love... making music.

This course will save you hours and hours of wasted time searching for how to use EQ, compression, reverb, delay, (etc.) by giving you everything you need to know in one place.

But not only show you how to use these tools... tie them all together into one complete mixing system that you can repeat over and over again.

Every time getting better and better.

Every time feeling more and me confident.


So, what is in the Ultimate Mixing System?

In-Depth Video Trainings

If you like the way I teach on YouTube, you'll love this course. I break each lesson down for you on video. And because this course isn't a collection of standalone videos (like I have on YouTube), I can continue to build on concepts throughout the entire course. Going more in-depth without being overwhelming.

Lifetime Course Access

You'll have access to the entire course the moment you'll join and you'll be able to revisit any video in the course anytime you want. Forever.

Too busy to complete the course now?You'll still have access whenever you're ready!

Any Future Updates

One thing I love about a course is I can update it so you always have the most accurate information. If any major updates or advances in mixing technology pop up, I can easily add a video or module (for free). Only making this course even more valuable over time.


Here's a sneak peak...

  • The most skipped steps that ALL pro mix engineers do to set their mix up for success
  • How to take your recordings from good to GREAT before you even start mixing 
  • How to find the perfect volume for any source
  • How to create a  full and powerful mix without any plugins
  •  How to steal the PROS mixing secrets
  • The TRUE difference between mono and stereo
  • Headroom: the secret to a powerful mix
  • How to jumpstart your mix in 10 minutes or less
  • How to make your song feel loud (even when it's quiet)
  • How to make your mix full and punchy with one plugin
  • A clear, simple breakdown of EQ (the most powerful mixing tool)
  • How to EQ anything to sound clear, full, and present
  • A surefire way to EQ everything so that it will add clarity and fit together in the mix
  • Unlock THE tool for adding punch and presence to your mix
  • How to make your mixes feel  up close and larger than life
  • The 3 types of compressors everyone should have (and where to get them for free)
  • How to create realistic space in your mix
  • How to setup PRO sounding vocal effects
  • How to add depth to your mix
  • When and WHY to use different types of effects
  • How to use automation to make your mix feel HUGE
  • What you should REALLY be automating (it's not what you think)
  • How to use automation to help your song evolve and keep the listener engaged
  • How to actually FINISH YOUR SONG in a way that you are confident and PROUD of
  • How to find and correct issues in your original mix

But I'm not going to stop there.

In addition to the Ultimate Mixing System, you'll get...

Bonus Course:
LOUD Mastering Crash Course ($147 value)

Ever struggle with your song being too quiet?? Well then you need to MASTER IT! But sometimes our masters are still too quiet... So I designed a crash course that is guaranteed to help you get the loudest master you've ever had (without sacrificing the dynamics)

But I'm still not done...

If you join at the Pro or Mentor level you'll get 2 additional bonus courses...

Bonus Course #2:
EASY Advanced Mixing Techniques ($147 value)

Ever wonder how to get that analog sound? Well there are some EASY advanced mixing techniques that you can add to your workflow to naturally dial in that analog sound. The funny thing about advanced mixing techniques is that... some of them are easier than the fundamentals. They don't have the same impact as the fundamentals, so you need to learn those first (and you will in the Ultimate Mixing System), but by incorporating some of these easy advanced mixing techniques into your mix, you'll be able to take a great mix and make it amazing.

Bonus Course #3:
Logic Pro X Crash Course ($147 value)

Logic Pro X can be intimidating. You can work in it for YEARS and still not know about half of the features. This crash course is designed to show you how to confidently move around inside Logic and some of the coolest, most helpful features.

Want to jump on a One-on-One call with me?

If you want to work with me one-on-one as you mix your song, we can jump on a video call and go through your session together. One-on-one calls are typically $197, but if you choose the mentor option when joining, you can save $50.

Just see what some of the students inside the course are saying...

Why would you learn to mix when you could just hire someone to mix for you?

The truth is, mixing is EXPENSIVE. A good, professional mix usually STARTS around $350 PER SONGAnd you don't just pay that once. You pay it over and over... and over and over...

You could easily spend thousands of dollars having your music mixed.

And what if it's a "good" mix but it isn't the mix YOU want? Then it's basically wasted money.

So learning to mix to mix your own music will actually save you SO much money.

But if you were to go to a university to study mixing, just one class would cost you $1920* 🤯 

And sadly, they wouldn't teach you everything you need to know in one class. It would be split up over several classes and likely cost you THOUSANDS.

And to justify the higher cost, they would also throw in lots of irrelevant information that confuses you more than it helps you.

Plus, it wouldn't be specifically tailored to your needs working in GarageBand or Logic Pro X.

*Average tuition for a 3 credit course in USA as of June 2022 

But maybe you aren't even thinking about going to University to study mixing... maybe you're thinking you need to upgrade your gear?

A great affordable microphone upgrade would be a...

Warm Audio WA-14 ($399)

Or a great affordable mic preamp upgrade would be a...

Warm Audio WA-12 ($499)

But the reality is, upgrading gear won't help you as much as you might think.

Without a mix to make your music sound amazing, your music will sound more or less the same.

The key to making your music sound amazing is not new gear. If you have a basic recording setup, you can make your music sound great with what you already have.

The "secret" is learning how to mix it to sound amazing.

And THAT is why I created the Ultimate Mixing System Course.

So, how much does The Ultimate Mixing System cost?

I didn't want to create a course that was inaccessible like college tuition ($2000+).

I also didn't want to create a course that even cost as much as a nice mic preamp ($500+).

I wanted to create a course that would teach you everything you need to know to mix your music to sound professional at a WAY more accessible price.

Each module in the course could easily be a standalone course selling for $147, making the course alone worth at least $1176.

Plus the 3 bonus courses at $147 each...

And the total value of everything in this course is over $1600 ($1617 to be exact)

But that's completely inaccessible.

So I decided to bundle it all together for just $447.

Don't need the bonus courses?

You can get just the Ultimate Mixing System and the LOUD Mastering Crash Course for only $297

Get Instant Access



The Ultimate Mixing System Course ($1176 value)

BONUS: LOUD Mastering Crash Course ($147 value)

BONUS: EASY Advanced Mixing Techniques Course ($147 value)

BONUS: Logic Pro X Crash Course ($147 value)

One-on-One Mentor Video Call with Colin ($197 value)

Total Value: $1323




The Ultimate Mixing System Course ($1176 value)

BONUS: LOUD Mastering Crash Course ($147 value)

BONUS: EASY Advanced Mixing Techniques Course ($147 value)

BONUS: Logic Pro X Crash Course ($147 value)

One-on-One Mentor Video Call with Colin ($197 value)

Total Value: $1617




The Ultimate Mixing System Course ($1176 value)

BONUS: LOUD Mastering Crash Course ($147 value)

BONUS: EASY Advanced Mixing Techniques Course ($147 value)

BONUS: Logic Pro X Crash Course ($147 value)

One-on-One Mentor Video Call with Colin ($197 value)

Total Value: $1814


I want this decision to be totally risk free for you.

I am so confident that the Ultimate Mixing System is going to completely transform you, your approach to mixing, and how amazing your mixes sound that I completely guarantee it.

If you aren't totally satisfied with the Ultimate Mixing System at any point in the first 60 days, just send me an email at [email protected] and I'll refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Seriously. You have 60 days to go through the course, apply what I teach you... and if you don't love it for any reason, you'll get 100% of your money back.


SURPRISE BONUS: How to Create a Professional Sounding Mix in GarageBand LIVE TRAINING Replay ($97 value)

Get a bonus walkthrough where I go through the ENTIRE mixing process showing you everything you need to know to create PRO sounding mix in GarageBand. Check out this before and after...


Listen, this is totally up to you.

But the truth is nothing changes if nothing changes.

Imagine a year from now...

You could have completed SEVERAL of the best sounding songs you have ever released. You feel confident in your mixing and know how and what you need to focus on to keep getting better. You've saved hours of searching for answers and spent them on making music.


You could be still struggling with the exact same frustrations you have today. Your music doesn't really sound any better and you're wasting hours trying to find solutions online.

I don't want that for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

No way! I do my best to meet everyone where they are when I teach. I WISH I had a course like this when I was a beginner... it would have saved me so much time (and wasted mixes)!

That said- beginning anything can feel paralyzing with SO much new information coming at you. Stick with it and it will start to be comfortable and come naturally to you.

A bonus of getting into this course early in your recording career is that it eliminates the time spent searching and searching the internet for answers to your questions and gives you everything you need in one place and one simple system.

That means more time to work on your music and THAT is a win, if you ask me.


Especially if you have been mixing for a long time and feel like you have plateaued and don't know how to grow- this course will help tremendously. Or if you were like me- struggling with occasionally having some mixes sound great and others fall flat.

The system I designed in this course will help you create more consistent, better sounding mixes- guaranteed (don't forget about the money back guarantee!)

Even if you feel SUPER happy with the mixes you are making, I guarantee you will learn at least 1 thing in this course that could make your mixes, cleaner, clearer, bigger, fuller... you name it.


The concepts for mixing are the same no matter where they are applied. In fact, I demonstrate all the mixing in this course right inside GarageBand just to prove it!

Oh absolutely. 100%. Without a DOUBT. 

This course will be teaching first in concepts that can be applied ANYWHERE. Then I'll be applying them in GarageBand to show you can do this anywhere (including Logic) but at any points where Logic has other tools/workflows, I demonstrate those. Plus, you'll also get the bonus Logic Pro X Crash Course!

This is a trickier one to answer. In short, YES. In slightly longer, nuanced answer form- if you apply it.

Let me be clear about a couple of things first...

1) This course is NOT a "magic bullet" that will automatically make your music sound great. That doesn't exist. If it did, they would have built it into GarageBand and we would all just use that and be happy and have WAY more free time.

2) This course will teach you everything you need to know. But YOU have to apply it. I'm genuinely excited to do my part and teach you everything I possibly can. Are you stoked to put in the work and finally create great sounding music?

If you're willing to put in the work, I promise your first mix after going through this course will be your best mix yet. Will it instantly be pro? Maybe! Maybe not. Don't forget that pros have YEARS of experience that lead up to where they are today and the mixes they are making. But if you follow this system and put in the work, you will get there.

It depends on how you define "a lot of time."

This course is as short as it can be, but as long as it needs to be. Each module is roughly 60 minutes and is broken down into bite sized videos. You can pause it and resume anytime you want to.

Maybe more important than the time this course takes is how much time it will save you. 

No more endless hours of watching YouTube tutorials and trying to piece it all together yourself. Everything you need in one place.

Plus, you have access to this course forever. If you get too busy, you can always come back and finish it later.

NO! This course can be completely at your pace, anytime you want.

You can join today and binge watch the entire course if you want. Or you can slowly watch it whenever you have free time. The choice is up to you!

I will be demonstrating this course in GarageBand MacOS. I have never actually used GarageBand iOS, so I can't speak to the strengths, weakness, features, and limitations of it that could vary from what's in this course.

THAT SAID! The concepts of mixing are the same no matter where you apply them. A large part of this course will be dedicated to teaching the CONCEPTS. And you can apply those concepts anywhere- even GarageBand iOS- it just might look a little different or you might be a little restricted in different ways.


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